Our Commitment to Privacy

By enrolling with Family Quilt you are setting out to capture - and possibly share with loved ones - many of the stories that have made you and your family special and unique.

We want you to feel comfortable telling those stories. Your privacy is important to you and that’s why it is so important to us. 

If you want to read our full privacy statement click here

Here are the key points: 

Your stories

The Storyteller owns the stories. At any time the Storyteller can choose to edit, or delete stories.

Each published story, each shared document, every comment submitted remain your property. Family Quilt stores your data. We do not claim any of your data as our own. We do not share it. We do not post stories to Facebook or other social networks. We would never automatically enable such a feature.

Your choice to share

The storyteller controls who can see the stories. Only the storyteller can invite people into Family Quilt. The storyteller can add to or remove people from the account any time. 

Your choice to keep

The Storyteller and any of the family members with whom the stories are being shared can download the stories as a pdf (for the written stories or comments) or an mp3 (for the voice recordings).

At any time, the Storyteller can choose to ask us to remove their data by emailing us on [email protected].

Your secure log in

Secure Login is done via email address and confidential password. We ask the Storyteller and the family members not to share their passwords.

We are also offering the option of 2 step authentication login. This increases the security of the login by asking to also input at each login a one-time code that we will text you.

Your peace of mind

All information you provide is stored on our secure servers located in the UK.  Access to the servers requires multiple passwords and authorisation levels.

All communication between your browser and Family Quilt uses the secure https://protocol (indicated by the little padlock next to the internet address) for additional security. 

We do not look at the customers’ stories unless you need us to troubleshoot on your behalf.

Payments details require even more complex security and are stored by Stripe or Paypal, our payment processors.

At the end of the day, there is always a small possibility that something stored online will get out (just like someone could get access to your email, or forward a personal message). But be reassured we have used strict procedures to protect your information.

If you have any questions about privacy, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We are always happy to help.


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