Gift your grandparents their lifestories

Your grandmother and your grandfather have stories to tell, memories to share! Lots of them!

And most of those are, so far, untold. 

For £24 only, gift a lifetime subscription to Family Quilt, a fresh and easy way to digitally capture and share family memories. 

Your grandparents will love reminiscing, capturing their life stories for posterity and sharing them with the family. Building their patchwork of memories. One story at a time. In their time. In their words.


Capture. Share. Enjoy.

Family Quilt makes remembering easy. The more memories you capture, the bigger your Quilt gets. Enjoy browsing your stories. Enjoy remembering.


Gift a lifetime subscription to Family Quilt. No renewal, no hidden cost.


A Lifetime subscription costs £24. It gives you unlimited upload of stories and documents, and unlimited number of family members to share with.

Gifting this for a birthday or Christmas? We don't want to spoil the surprise, so choose Gift option at checkout and let us know when you want us to send the welcome email to your grandparent.

We can also send you a gift card if you want to give them something physical on the day! (order before Tuesday 18th December)


Treasure the memories forever

Stories are magical. Hearing the voice of your grandparent narrate their stories, or reading the words they have written, will transport the family into the moment, the event. You will live their memory. You will find out so much about them you did not know. And you will have those stories forever - for you, and for your own children one day.

Make it a family adventure

With Family Quilt, the whole family can get involved. Choose who you want to share stories with and they will automatically get an email to let them know a new story has been posted. They will be able to add comments to stories and also ask a specific question. 



Collect all the stories into a memories book 

When you have collected lots of stories in your digital Quilt, print them into a beautiful book to gift or keep.

From £40 per book — not included in subscription.