Christmas has come and gone and as we finally have the time to cuddle up in our sofas, a cup in hand, we can start reflecting of the events of the past few days.

December was mad, so much happening in the build up to Christmas and then it all happened so fast. The family together, lovely food, probably a bit too much to drink, lots of laughter, thoughtful presents and may be some not so great ones!

And as we sit there feeling happy and contented, thinking about all those lovely memories we have just made, we should make the commitment to capture some of them.

Need convincing? Here are 3 good reasons why it is worth taking the time.


1 – Your children’s memories will be your memories

There is nothing more magical than a Christmas will little ones . Yet, it is unlikely that they will have any memory of Christmases until they get to the age of 5-6. And even then, the memories will be of a very specific moment or event. The stories about our children and grandchildren Christmases will be the ones we tell. What was their first Christmas like? What was their favourite present? What shenanigans did they use to get up to on Christmas eves and mornings? When and how did they find out about Father Christmas? For the first few years of their lives, we will be the ones who remember. As they grow up, they will ask questions about when they were little and will love hearing the Christmas stories. And we will love remembering and sharing them.


2 – Unless we take the time to record those special moments, we will forget them

The tricky thing about Christmas is that it comes every year. And every year we follow similar traditions. So as time passes, Christmases merge into one other. There will be many Advent calendars, many present opening Christmas mornings, many family lunches and over time, these special moments will blur into one other. We will have lots of photos but without the stories, the photos will also merge into a sea of Christmases. It is the stories that will allow us to relive those special moments. And remembering the stories of 5 years ago is very hard, let alone 10 or 15! So, unless we take the time to capture them, all we will remember are the most recent times, the really quirky stories and the big traditions. The little stories that brought so much joy will be forgotten.


3 – The yearly stories will build into our Family History.

Now, the good thing about Christmas is that it comes every year! By capturing each year the stories of your Christmases, we will create a family history around that special time of year.

The stories will not just tell what happened in the moment, they will chronicle how our families have changed and also stayed the same. They will tell our First Times - the happy ones like our first family Christmas with a baby, our first Christmas at our house, and also the sad ones when a loved one was not with us anymore. They will tell the traditions we have followed from our parents and the ones we have created for our own family. They will create a Family History. There are no other time of the year or event that does it like Christmas. Holidays are taken in all different places over the years, birthdays are celebrated with different groups of people over time. But at Christmas the family ritual prevails and so a rich family history is created.


Collecting those stories need not be difficult. We have taken many photos in the past few days, and all we need is to add the little stories that go with the pictures. Write an email to yourself with the highlights of the period. Share the photos on your family WhatsApp group with the best moments and ask them to add more of their memories.

Family Quilt is also a great way to collect the stories and the photos, share them with your family and preserve them for the years to come.


Go on, make another cup of tea, grab your phone, tablet or simply a notebook and enjoy capturing those special memories you have just made.

I am going to do just that this morning.