When FAMILY QUILT was first dreamt of, I believed it was all about preserving the stories, the roots, the family heritage. After all, it all started because my father is getting (very) old and so there is a certain sense of urgency in us sharing and capturing his stories and my grand parents'. 

So how exciting when I read that studies have shown that the telling and sharing of family stories can positively impact children's development. Below are some very interesting articles on the topic. 

The stories that bind us - New York Times, 2013

What kids learn from hearing family stories - The Atlantic, 2013

Why telling Family Stories to our kids is so important - Huffpost, 2018

There you have it : Sharing family stories is good for everybody in the family. For the storytellers that will enjoy being asked, will enjoy reminiscing and at time editing the past. And for the family who hear the stories, giving them a sense of roots and belonging, igniting their imagination and helping them define who they are.

Enjoy sharing your stories!