Family Quilt is a fresh and easy way to digitally capture life's special moments

One story at a time, piece together your very own Family Quilt, a digital patchwork of the memories that make your family special and unique. The stories of long ago, the ones of last week. The big events or the little ones that are simply beautiful moments not to be forgotten.

Your private family space: 100% private, share with your family and nobody else; 

Your stories, your way : write or voice record your memories, add photos and files. 

Questions for inspiration : over 150 questions to spark your memories


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Quick & easy to get started

Click on the link in the welcome email, create your password and you are off! Type in your special memories or record your voice if you prefer to talk. Add richness with photos, videos, favourite recipes and more — it's your story to tell.

How it works

Capture your family stories

Have you been collecting your family history? Started writing your own life stories?

Family history matters. Family stories matter. They are part of who we are, of our family cloth.

Start documenting your stories today. Enjoy browsing them, enjoy sharing them. Enjoy passing on your Family History!



Gift your parents their life stories

Your parents and grandparents have stories to tell, memories to share! Lots of them! And most of those are, so far, untold. Enjoy finding out more about their past. Gift a Family Quilt subscription.To find out more click here 



Capture their childhood memories

Time flies quickly! If you want to remember those little stories about your children growing up – the birthdays, the silly expressions, the school milestones and sporting achievements, start building their Quilt now.


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Give it a try and see how you get on! You do not need a credit card, and you will be able to enjoy our full functionality.

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There is no limit on how much you upload. And no limit on how many family members you can share with.

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Over 150 questions to inspire you

Covering seven different themes from earliest memories and first jobs, to memorable family occasions, school life and more – our handy questions will help you get underway in no time.


Bring family together

Build your family quilt collaboratively by inviting loved ones to read your stories, ask you questions or to build on your memories. Across generations and geographies, your unique story is richer for the telling.


How it works

Anne, London UK

“I have really enjoyed collecting my stories - the reminiscing but also sharing with my children and my grandchildren. So many things I had forgotten, and also many I had never shared.”

Anne, London UK


Create your Family Book


Perfect to keep or to gift, turn your treasured moments into a beautiful photobook. A unique keepsake to be enjoyed by you and future generations to come.

From £40 per book — not included in subscription.  


About Family Quilt

The idea behind Family Quilt came at a family dinner when my 90 year old father told memories of his youth. He loved telling his stories and we loved hearing them. It also made me realise how much I did not know about him! In the time that it has taken to bring FAMILY QUILT to life, our family has shared many more stories. My parents have shared old memories, and I have also started collecting those stories that will be our family memories when we grow older. Every time, it has been so rewarding and heart-warming to remember, to share and discover a bit more about us.

I wish you lots of laughter, joy, pride and may be tears collecting and remembering your own stories and sharing them with your family.


Family Quilt Founder 

Let the story begin today

And keep forever your memories alive.

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